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Dick Peterson

Dick Peterson served the City of Austin, Texas for 14 years. First, as the Coordinator of the Xeriscape and Rainwater Programs with Austin Water Utility. More recently, he served as an Environmental Program Coordinator with the renowned Austin Energy Green Building, specializing in water conservation.


Now retired, Dick continues to offer rainwater workshops and seminars in your area. He is also available to consult on your rainwater project, landscaping, new green construction and green remodeling. No longer constrained by public policy, he can make specific recommendations for contractors. For more information, contact


Probably the two most enjoyable projects I have worked on were historic locations with log homes from the 1800's. One family owns both the Liberty Hill "Loafers' Glory Farm" and their residence in Austin on Sinclair Ave. in Rosedale. My pioneer Swedish ancesters have connections to this house and our former farm that made up the south half of Rosedale.


If you need assistance in planning your new system, contact me by e-mail to schedule a consultation. An initial consultation is $250 in the local area. If we have an established relationship, I can be reached by cell phone at 
512-922-3326, but e-mail is preferable for job tracking purposes


“I look forward to working with you on your project., let's meet" 

Dick Peterson,

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