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This information page might help you plan your rainwater installation. It includes videos of presentations and television interviews. Contact me for more information.






3451 Mayfield Ranch Blvd., Casa 306

Round Rock, TX 78681



Latest recorded presentation.

Scroll down for more information and my

last interview on Central Texas Gardener.

Every year for 5 years, I was a guest to talk

about the Xeriscape Garden Tour and later

to promot the Rainwater Harvesting Tours.



Television interview July 14, 2012

Central Texas Gardener


While working for Austin Water Conservation, 

our Extension Horticulturalist (Ted Fisher)

retired and a new person (Skip Richter)  was eventually hired. During the transition period,

I was asked to host the  "Down To Earth" 

segment. Now, Daphney Richards can be

heard each week on Central Texas Gardener.












Television interview about the first 5-star

remodeling of an historic home in Austin.

The Five-Star Rating mentioned is offered by Austin Energy Green Building.














More footagage of the interview that includes

a little different perspective of the project. It 

repeats much of the voice-over, but adds "B"

role footage of most of what is being











Wow how technology has changed since

2008! The presentation below (in 5 parts) does have some images and information about several rainwater methods and projects not usually found in my current presentations.

There are many great YouTube videos on rainwater harvesting. These are just a few that I found helpful. Any products shown are available locally through my installers.

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