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Some people dream of a rainwater harvesting system. We make it happen.


Rainwater harvesting is not very hard, but sometimes you just need a little guidance. Your solution may not be the same as the folks down the street. Together, we decide the best type of system for your specific uses.



In just a couple of hours, we can discuss your ideas and mine for a rainwater system. But, if you read my background, you know before we meet to make a list of questions that may include:

  • ​Landscaping

  • Organic Gardening

  • Xeriscape

  • Square-foot Gardening

  • Water efficient ponds and water features

  • "Green" building solutions for multiple projects



I usually step in prior to you contacting rainwater installation companies. If you already have multiple bids, Ican still help you take the fruit basket and separate the apples from the oranges!


If you are just thinking about a project, that is the best time for our visit. I am familiar with all the types of storage, most of the filtration mechanisms and the logistics of placement. Esthetics may be of primary importance to some clients, where others mostly want to compare ballpark pricing of the options available.


Regardless of your situation, we stratigize a solution and then, and only then, discuss the contractor selection process.

“If you are proud of your new rainwater harvesting system and would like to share comments with my readers, send me a short email! It will soon appear on this page..”

Your name here, with your permission of course.

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